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Conflicting Messages from Del Mar Villas Manager Causing Concern

Del Mar Villas Management Notice Taped on Bedroom WindowThis morning I was sitting on the toilet and right outside my bedroom window, I heard someone repeatedly saying “wanna go peepee? wanna go peepee?” ┬áThen I heard the woman’s voice saying “she’s out of control” and “we need to take care of this”. (apparently after she read my sign about inconsiderate pet owners). Continue Reading

More Del Mar Villas Homeowner Liability: Dogs in the Gym

There seem to be many areas that homeowners at the Del Mar Villas are leaving themselves up to legal liability. ┬áNon-owners and residents using the facilities (including the gym, pool and tennis courts), no speed limit signs in the parking lots (which are used as speedway cut-throughs for delivery trucks and neighbors) are a couple… Continue Reading